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Picture of John filming at the southern snowy mountains of Aotearoa New Zealand

John Conly is an experienced filmmaker and photographer who is passionate about capturing projects in an interesting creative way, while keeping to a high technical standard. Based in Wellington, John also enjoys getting out and about around the beautiful land of Aotearoaas you can see above as part of the ‘Trees On Farms’ project for the Farm Forrestry Association.

Common projects more locally based include covering various events, promotional videos for websites and editing work. John offers complete digital video services from planning and organising a project, through shooting, editing, voice over, soundtrack composition and mix to export and upload. Alternatively John can come onboard for whatever aspect you need e.g. a soundy, camera or post production.

The Performance Arcade (2017)
This is the short promotional version of a 16 minute documentary covering the live art and music event held each year on the Wellington waterfront.

Various editing and post production work for Hugh Macdonald Film on projects incl. “Coal on the Coast” (in the Greymouth museum), “That was New Zealand”, and “No Ordinary Sheila”.

A short film about sustainable forests and forestry in New Zealand, covering the environmental, recreation and community aspects as well as commercial values.

Trees On Farms Project
Over 60 interviews produced for the Farm Forrestry Association with funding from The Ministry of Primary Industries. Filmed across New Zealand for workshops promoting the planting of trees on farms.

Need More Time (Music Video)
Music video shot and edited for the musician Tony MacIver filmed at Stongehenge Aotearoa in Wairarapa.

Pride Clothing launch party event

John’s photography style is about capturing the energy, passion, realism of a moment, person, place or event. He likes being quietly in the corner or moving subtly about, discretely documenting the project. He has photographed various events and taken promotional images for websites, print and film. When not so busy, John loves being out in nature exploring landscape photography. In recent years John has moved across to using

Fujifilm cameras for their beautiful re-indition of the world. His main camera now being the X-T2 with a selection of lenses for different projects. While saying that, John has extensive experience with a wide variety of other equipment (e.g. Sony and Canon cameras) and uses whatever gear suits the job. One of John’s favourite lenses is actually his Grandfathers old Konica Minolta 50mm F1.4 which even went to Antarctica back in the day.

While studying design at Massey University (specialising in digital video), John made several short films and continues to do so. Nothing being much better than getting together with a bunch of creative passionate friends and making something.

John has been the many different hats of production and enjoys the different roles of director, producer, DOP, soundy, editor, special effects and audio production. Give John a shout If you have an interesting project in mind.

Scifi/film noir style film that looks at the theme of corporate control through dystopian technology. Final year project at Massey University

A Thousand Words
Award winning pick-a-path video narrative that explores the issue of binge drinking amongst girls aged 16 - 23 in New Zealand. Made as part of an Massey University project with Charlotte Corrigall.

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John Conly is a Musician, Filmmaker and Photographer from Aotearoa New Zealand.
Also a passionate sailor, tramper, vegan, environmentalist and student of Te Reo Māori.
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